Komodo amazing diving and landscapes

What a trip it’s been- this week we were easily able to tick off all the highlights Komodo has to offer! From graceful Manta Rays to Sharks cruising around, schooling fish life to all the weird and wonderful critters and creatures.

We had some true Frogfish galore going on as well, with many different species of Frogfishes in various sizes. Giant, Freckled, Painted, Warty and Hairy Frogfish have been spotted this week.

Komodo not only offers amazing seascapes and wildlife underwater but also on land. The trekking with the infamous Komodo dragons in Rinca is always a highlight of the trip and we are blessed with many encounters of different sized dragons walking and posing for us and the cameras. Another memorable moment of the trip sure is the hike up to the viewpoint in Padar: the beautiful scenery is spectacular with the sun going down over the three different colored beaches.