Komodo diving paradise, Mermaid II Sept 28 – Oct 5, 2019

This week the moon was in its new phase, what does this mean in Komodo? Currents. After careful selection of dive sites throughout the week guests were treated to some truly spectacular dives. Shotgun was top of the list for many guests and the first dive had guests surrounded by 7 – 8 Manta rays on their safety stop.

Those who have dived Komodo before know that Crystal rock on a good current can provide some explosive action. The dive this trip was a showstopper with grey reef, white and black tip reef sharks on the hunt, along with Trevallies blasting through clouds of fusiliers.

With Manta rays on 7 dive sites throughout the trip guests could be forgiven for thinking they had used up all their luck. The last dive in the park at Shotgun proved them otherwise. Late in the day as the sun was dipping, creating cathedral light in the water, between 15 – 20 Manta rays glided alongside guests hanging in the channel. Spending almost the entire dive here the encounter lasted for 40 minutes. Upon surfacing the sunset was in full flow with Sangeang volcano silhouetted on the horizon, the next stop on the dive trip, home to Bali.