Komodo diving with mantas, turtles and small critters

It’s one of the things I enjoy most about diving in Komodo: you get Mantas, Sharks and big fish as well as little frogfish, octopus and colorful critters. This trip was all about the mix!

At “Takat Makassar” we’re lucky this time and get to drift with a dozen of Manta Rays in the shallows. We also spot different species of Reef Sharks, Marble and Eagle rays- overall a fantastic dive which is not always guaranteed there.

Another highlight is our dive at “Siaba Besar” with the many resident Turtles. We also spot plenty of Sharks again, Mandarin Fish and Leaf Scorpionfish. The beautiful reefs of “Tatawa Besar” is where we’re headed next to dive with more Sharks and surrounded by little Anthias and Damsels in the shallows.

Our last dives take is into the sand and hunting for little critters. The night dive at “Bontoh” in Sangeang has never disappointed and offers a true Frogfish galore this week. Freckled, Ocelated, Painted and Warty Frogfish can all be spotted within a few square meters. Another critter highlight are our beloved cephalopods like the Starry Night Octopus and Wonderpus.


Sonja Geier, Photo/ Video Pro, Mermaid 2