Mermaid I May 7 – 16 2019

Finally… It’s time for Komodo!  After a glorious season in Raja Ampat, Mermaid I crossed 5 different seas to reach the island of Flores and now it’s time to drop anchor in Komodo!  The adventure is about to get started… I forgot how green and lush Komodo looks this time of year. To be able to watch the landscape colours change throughout the season is very interesting. The hot weather and lack of rain, it dries this region dramatically and the islands look even more Jurassic, a very suitable home for the worlds apex lizards!

Komodo known for its mega diversity between small creatures, huge groups of rays, pristine hard corals, and mangroves blanked by healthy sea grass where even dugongs can be spotted! Cetaceans are also very often found migrating around Flores sea, and Komodo is without a doubt,one of our best whale watching places in Indonesia. The very exciting part of this time of the year isn’t just the underwater exploration in Komodo but also the epic diving we do between Bali and the National park.

Gili Banta, Sangeang api and Moyo island, 3 wonderful diving areas with very distinctive topography, both above and underwater!  It’s time to get ready for some excitement, Komodo always has some breathtaking surprises and rare encounters are endless!

Marcelo Johan Ogata