Mermaid I August 3 – 12, 2019

We’re back from another epic adventure in the Komodo National Park, and this week our highlight dive site was Cannibal Rock.

This large rocky outcropping is cradled in the south of Komodo Island in an area known as horseshoe bay. On this site as with much of Komodo park, cold water currents bring nutrients and life from the deep feeding an abundance of pelagic life.

This trip we spotted a school of mobula rays flying by, followed by giant trevalies and schools of snappers feeding in the current.

After spending an exillerating time in the current we swam down to the reef to explore the macro life. The colors at Cannibal Rock is a sight to behold with rainbow colored critters in every direction.

We were impressed by the number of crynoid feather stars. It seems every which way you look is a crynoid in a new color combination. After spotting the feather stars, one animal which really caught our eye was the brightly colored sea apple which is a common name for a plump colorful sea cucumber.

Past these critters if you look even closer still we found stripped zebra crab hiding between fire urchin spines. This time of year is also a great time to spot the ornate ghost pipefish. To spot these critter look amongst the black crynoid stars or between the branches of black bush corals.

Cannibal Rock has to be up there as one of our favorite dive sites in Komodo. This adventurous dive in the south of the National park ticks all the boxes for an exceptional dive. Cold water currents feeding schools of pelagic fish, and a kaleidescope of critters below.

If the conditions are right get ready to experience the Cannibal rock dive site on your next Mermaid Liveaboard trip to Komodo National Park.