Hammerhead time: Banda sea diving with Mermaid I September 22 – October 03, 2019

The most anticipated time of the year to dive the Banda Sea! We had to wait the whole year for this…The Ring of Fire, the ultimate journey has finally began!
It’s like “deja vu” but for the past 3 years, there wasn’t a single Ring of fire trip we didn’t encounter schooling Hammerhead sharks and Blue Whales!

Having Ambon and Alor in the beginning or the end of the crossing is also a great treat, with all the macro delights like Rhinopias found on both locations, great subject to mix up with all the wide angle stuff! Dramatic volcanic sceneries both above and underwater. Steep walls dropping down to thousands of metres. Incredible pristine reefs combined with large school of pelagic life, the perfect spot for the fish eye photographers! Getting luck with a Whale shark kicking off right from the second dive of the trip… Thresher sharks and a Mola the day after in Alor! It might even sound too much for a trip but….

So much diversity and excitement to be explored within 800 nautical miles of navigation! One trip where possibilities are endless.