Raja Ampat a diver paradise

Raja Ampat is not exactly famous for its current and the small critters other than the many different species of Pygmy Seahorses of course. So this trip we had a couple of surprises!

Starting off our trip in the North or Raja, in the Dampier Strait, the currents made us enjoy some adventurous dives with amazing schooling fish life and great manta action.

We were able to put Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Leaf Scorpionfish and many different species of Nudibranchs on the critter list of this trip. One one single dive, we discovered Bargibanti, Denise’, Santa Claus and Pontoh’s Pygmy Seahorses.

The Misool area is still my favourite part of the trip because of the pristine and colourful soft corals. We were also lucky to have a couple of unexpected manta encounters whilst swimming through dense schools of fish.

Another perfect trip comes to an end and we are extremely sad to see our such a happy bunch of guests leaving.