Mermaid II June 22 – 29, 2019

With Check dives complete at Angel reef in Moyo island, guests took an impromptu hike on Satonda island to see the hidden lake formed by the collapsed volcano. Overnight, Mermaid II headed towards Komodo National Park. Upon arrival the guests jumped on both Crystal Rock and Crystal Castle, two of Komodo’s most renowned dive sites, and they didn’t disappoint. Schooling Surgeonfish charged over the reef whilst grey and white tip reef sharks patrolled the fringes gliding amongst the guests.

Heading down south to Manta Alley divers were surrounded by Manta’s enjoying the cleaning station and an exciting current in the alley to finish the dive. As if swimming with Manta’s wasn’t enough for one day the Komodo dragons also put on a show during the guests hike on Komodo island.

Dragons contested for dominance metres away from the guests completing the incredible experiences both above and below the waves.