Raja Ampat an Underwater Kingdom of Amazing Biodiversity

Starting a brand new season in Raja Ampat, Mermaid I returns to the land of the 4 Kings. An outstanding amount of plankton in the water carried by super moon currents brought up a spectacular agglomeration of fish. Beautiful wide open soft corals feeding and some extreme fish action from day one ‘till the last dive of the trip!

It’s early in the season and clouds of Anchovies are covering some of the dive sites in Misool, a great hot spot is a site called Antichovy where we can find groups of Mobula rays feeding. Great fish schooling in Penemu, central of Raja Ampat, with better visibility and thousands of Fusiliers being hunted by Barracudas, Giant jacks and reef sharks to keep the action going! It seems to be a good start of the season for the macro lovers as Pygmy seahorses are pretty much seen in every dive sites as well!

Finishing off the trip in Dampier strait with the classic Blue Magic site. Majestic Oceanic mantas, huge rays among great schools of Big-eyed Trevalies, Pinjalos, Barracudas and free swimming Carpet sharks. Now you wonder why it’s called Blue Magic 🙂

Mermaid I, Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
December 03-12, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata