Raja Ampat and beyond

You never know what to expect for the first Raja Ampat trip of the season. And we couldn’t have been luckier in terms of diving conditions and marine encounters!

The South of Raja Ampat, the area of Misool, is my absolute favorite part of the trip. This is also where we get to see the gentle giants of Raja Ampat, the Oceanic Manta Rays, on several occasions. That in combination with the colorful soft corals and reefs full of schooling fish life is what makes it the trip’s highlight for sure.

The Northern part of Raja is more dominated by hard corals and a great place to spot Reef Sharks and the famous Wobbegong Shark. But one of the most memorable dives this week will be the one in the Mangroves: a spectacular place which is even more special when you get to dive it in clear waters.

Finishing the trip with another famous dive site, Blue Magic, we say goodbye to Raja with a bang: another Oceanic Manta flies by in the middle of schooling Jacks and Barracudas- what a finish!