The Ring of Fire (2022)

12 Days Diving Cruise Maumere-Alor-Banda Sea-Ambon on MV Mermaid I.
September 17 – 28, 2022

Check out the trip itinerary here:

“If you are the type of diver that wishes to see the most diverse marine animals in a single trip, then the crossing trips are for you!

30+ dives from Maumere to Ambon in a beautiful cinematic journey across active volcanos, remote islands and deep walls filled of
untouched life!

This is the time of the year where we aim for both pelagic animals and the macro fauna!

Blue whales and other cetaceans are also very commonly seen migrating across the islands of the Banda Sea around this time.

Most get extra excited about the hammerhead sharks out in the blue, and it’s definitely an incredible privilege to be surrounded by them in
such warm water Indonesia has to offer!

What makes me excited about the Ring of Fire is the fact that there are so much to be explored, and that’s pretty hard to find these days.

Either you are checking the overhangs with your macro lenses filming rare critters or you are simply swimming among massive schools, this
will be a top notch trip!”

Marcelo Johan Ogata