The Right Mix

What I like most about our “special trips” is the diversity of dive sites, marine life and land excursions – it’s just a perfect mix. Ten days of diving and over 500 nautical miles later, we can look back to diving sandy slopes hunting for critters and creatures, an old ship wreck which sank in 1958, steep walls covered in fish, an active volcano and home of hundreds of sea snakes,swim-throughs and overhangs with beautiful soft corals, pinnacles which serve as manta cleaning stations and sea mounts full of schooling fish!

One of the most memorable dives of this trip: a site called “My Reef” in Penemu. Although the day starts with a bit of rain and some clouds, underwater conditions could not be any better.The waters are warm as well as clear and the extensive reef although no current runningcovered in schooling fish. It can best be described as an annual “fish convention” where huge numbers of Yellow Mask Surgeonfish, Pinjalo Snappers, Chevron Barracudas, Bigeye Snappers and Fusiliers are all gathering at the same time!



Mermaid I Ambon-Banda Sea-Raja Ampat
April 7 – 18, 2016

Sonja Geier