The Ring of Fire (part 1)

The Hammerhead sharks season is here!

One of the most expected trips of the year and yet it was way more than finding walls of
Hammerhead sharks! An outstanding adventure from Maumere to Ambon through Alor and the Bandas, The Ring of Fire!

Pygmy sized creatures up to the largest living animal on the Planet! 12 days of incredible
biodiversity across 800 nautical miles of pure action, steep drop offs, untouched pristine reef walls, black sands and a dramatic volcanic scenery above the water!

The highlight of this trip was by far the Hammerhead sharks. And yes, we nailed it! The Banda Sea is covered with these sharks this time of the year and having 5 days of Hammers on the roll is a true lifetime time experience!

Encountering single individual ones, small groups in the shallows, big walls down in deeper waters, they were just everywhere!

And just when you think it wouldn’t get any better than this, Blue Whales emerged from the depths, migrating the same direction as Mermaid I! Unbelievable sized animals that popped up right next to us, speechless…

Arriving in Ambon as the last destination, more muck dives! One beautiful Rhynopias peacefully walks on the sea floor with his vibrant colours! Such a nice last dive, such a perfect way to finish off the journey, a complete journey!

Mermaid I Maumere-Alor-Banda Sea-Ambon
Sep 30 – Oct 11, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata