Ambon – Banda Islands – Raja Ampat

Heading back to Raja Ampat with a mind blowing encounter of marine life and its
incredible reefs.

Mermaid I started the trip this time from Ambon passing through the Banda Islands and finally reaching beautiful Raja Ampat.

12 days, 35 dives at the most bio diverse dive sites you can possibly imagine. A beautiful contrast of muck dives, steep walls and rich coral gardens! A trip that fulfils every divers taste.

Ambon gave us the pleasure to dive with an awesome Rhynophias, a rare and well desired fish that we’ve been much looking forward to finding. One of best night dives I’ve had in years was also in Ambon where I was again lucky to film a Velvet Ghost Pipefish, one of the rarest pipefishes ever! Banda Islands super clear, amazing drop-offs surrounded by fish everywhere you looked. The hard corals and pinnacles were so full of life. A glimpse of a solo Hammerhead shark from the depths made some of the divers speechless! The Banda Islands is known as a great place for Hammerheads but their season only begins later in the year. To be able to see one now was for sure a gift!

Flat & calm sea conditions made the journey very smooth. The weather was very clear and so was the visibility when we arrived in Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is a place that is hard to beat. Reef sharks, almost on every dive! Wobbegongs were seen in many sites and Walking sharks during some of our night dives! To be able to dive with these different species of sharks in such a number is such a privilege… I can’t forget to mention the Oceanic Mantas that also joined the club. Dancing above our heads and doing their magic. Such an encounter where they come super close making eye contact with you!

Pygmy Seahorses, it’s not be surprised that Raja Ampat has so many Pygmies. With the giant Gorgonians that covers entirely the walls of many dive sites we dive!
Just to finish it off, on the way back to Sorong, an amazing Omura’s Whale pops up next to the boat to say Hi, Something that you really don’t get to experience every day…

March 29 – Apr 09, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata