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09 Mar 2020

Ambon creatures and Raja Ampat Reefs, dream destinations

We welcomed our much loved Dive India group back on Mermaid II and with great conditions in Ambon the trip was of to a fantastic start.  The first two days was spent searching...

by Montse
28 Feb 2020

From Raja Ampat reefs to Ambon’s muck diving

Over 700 miles, 3 different seas, 10 days of diving, from Raja Ampat via the Banda Sea to Ambon!
Raja treats us with schooling fish life, swimming Wobbegongs and tons of P...

by Montse
22 Oct 2019

Banda Sea diving from Ambon to Flores Mermaid I Oct 4-15,2019

Returning to Flores from Ambon. The Ring of Fire journey this time has started from Ambon island....

by Montse
13 May 2019

Mermaid I April 29 – May 6, 2019

Beginning our trip in the remote area of Ambon, we spent the day discovering an endless collectio...

by Montse
20 Nov 2018

The Ring of Fire (part 1) | October 02-13th, 2018

Finally the crossings season is here and Mermaid I started it with great sightings just as we pre...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
20 Mar 2018

No Limits

After exploring the expansive area between Ambon and Raja Ampat, famously known as the Coral Tria...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
13 Mar 2018

Raja Ampat Ambon Cruise with Mermaid II, February 14-25, 2018

It’s been a blissful and awe-inspiring twelve day trip full of postcard scenery, schools of juv...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
26 Apr 2017

Ambon – Banda Islands – Raja Ampat

Heading back to Raja Ampat with a mind blowing encounter of marine life and its

by Mermaid Liveaboards
07 Apr 2017

A Magnificent Journey from Raja Ampat to Ambon Through the Islands of Banda Sea

Mermaid I goes on another biodiversity trip across 500 nautical miles from the heart of Raja Ampa...

by Mermaid Liveaboards