From Raja Ampat reefs to Ambon’s muck diving

Over 700 miles, 3 different seas, 10 days of diving, from Raja Ampat via the Banda Sea to Ambon!
Raja treats us with schooling fish life, swimming Wobbegongs and tons of Pygmy Seahorses.

My personal highlight is our last dive in Misool, at Magic Mountain: at least 5 different Oceanic
Mantas keep circling us for the entire dive- what a truly magical experience.

We cross the Banda Sea, diving beautiful walls covered in corals and sponges and swim through
huge schools of, for this area typical, Red Tooth Triggerfish. The Mandarin Fish dive in front of
the jetty of Banda Neira is always a treat and again, doesn’t disappoint. Dozens of mating couples
during this sunset/ night dive make this dive unforgettable.

Finishing off with some incredible muck dives in Ambon, we hunt for all these weird little critters
and creatures. Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Hairy Frogfish, Seahorses and the holy grail of critters, the
Weedy Scorpionfish or Rhinopia.

The biodiversity of this trip has been incredible and we can only
hope the next trip can live up to it!