No Limits

After exploring the expansive area between Ambon and Raja Ampat, famously known as the Coral Triangle, it would seem that there is no limit to the quantity of things to see, no matter if you are in full scuba gear or barefoot on a beach.

On the surface we find the mysterious karst islands of Raja, which have the appearance of being made out of melted wax, while the Banda Sea holds lonely volcanoes and shallow atolls. The combination of unusual coastal landscapes plays host to a nearly uncountable array of life, from carnivorous plants to the lush jungle canopy which burst with avian life.

Descend into the blue depths of the Coral Triangle’s mystic waters and the sheer amount of fish is just astounding.  These remote islands and reefs are the meeting point for the shoals of batfish, jacks, sharks and of course manta rays. For divers, the presence of these magnificent creatures is most welcome as they swirl around the dive groups in blitzes of glittering light as they go about their aquatic life. Those reef creatures that aren’t big on swimming, like the frogfish, seahoreses, and octopus that can be found scuttling about the reef as they search for food and try to avoid being food.

There is truly no place like the Coral Triangle on earth, both in terms of beauty and in the life in holds. There is such an abundance of everything, that even after five years of consistently diving in its waters, I’m still blown away at the the once a lifetime moments that occur more than once in a lifetime!

Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat
Feb 26-Mar 9, 2018
Alex Lindbloom