A Magnificent Journey from Raja Ampat to Ambon Through the Islands of Banda Sea

Mermaid I goes on another biodiversity trip across 500 nautical miles from the heart of Raja Ampat all the way to Ambon considered one of the best macro destinations in Indonesia. In between Raja and Ambon the Banda islands with amazing clear waters, covered with fish, walls of corals and swim throughs.

Flat seas, clear skies, dolphins tagging along and even giant whales were spotted from Mermaid I as we headed to the dive sites.

Oceanic Manta rays from day 1 followed by schools of Jack’s and Bumpheads parrotfish. Not only the big guys but several species of Pygmy sea horses, nudibranchs and flatworms that were also spotted along the dives in Raja Ampat. Stunning night dives with multiple Blue-ringed octopus and our friendly Walking shark that kept everyone’s excitement high!

Heading towards the Banda Sea with a stop over in Koon island. A place with so many fish that even one the dive sites is named “Too Many fish”.

Gilimanuk was our first destination in the Banda Sea. An active volcano in the middle of the Sea, the place is known for its aggregation of Chinese sea snakes, hundreds of them surround the island. Also bubbles coming out of the hot black volcanic sands turned the place pretty unique, weird & wonderful, such an experience!

This Biodiversity trip is also exceptional for those who love Mandarin fish! A sunset dive with a lot of interaction of Mandarins right at the Banda Neira’s jetty.

And finally Ambon, a muck diving area with tones of rare critters to be seen. Home for the most rare scorpionfishes! Mating cuttlefish, Ribbon eels, nudibranchs and Giant frogfishes also showed up in the end to finalise another incredible journey with class!!

Heading back to Raja Ampat, another 12 days of pure diving coming up and the crew is much looking forward to it!

Raja Ampat – Banda Sea – Ambon
March 17- 28, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata