The Ring of Fire (part 1) | October 02-13th, 2018

Finally the crossings season is here and Mermaid I started it with great sightings just as we predicted it!
12 days, 800 nautical miles.  From Maumere to Ambon through Alor and the heart of the Banda Sea. This is the time of the year where everything is possible to be encountered in the Ring of Fire region.

When a Sperm whale breaches next to Mermaid I, we know it’s going to be an epic crossing… An astonishing biodiversity between muck sand bottoms, the steep deep walls and quality time spent out in the big blue where all the shark action happened. Hammerhead sharks schooling and even a Thresher shark!

Dramatic volcanic scenery and untouched reefs blanked by giant groups of pelagic fish and superb macro life found in Alor and Ambon.

Hammerhead sharks were certainly one of the main attractions of the trip. Schooling hammers even at 5 mts depth where I was fortunate to capture with my camera. In many occasions single Hammerheads came pretty close too. Enormous tunas, massive groups of Jacks, Rainbow Runners and Chinese Sea snakes, a classic picture of the Banda Sea.

The journey continued above the water with a nice visit to one of the islands, Banda Neira. Lots of story and culture with a delicious breakfast with the locals.