One fantastic trip full of critters and big stuff! Divers often ask me which lenses would be the most ideal to bring on a Komodo trip. The truth is either Macro or Wide, perhaps both will do. Every single dive site in Komodo will have both subjects to fulfill your photography desires…
So really, you can’t go wrong!

It almost seems like a joke when you are filming a Lembeh Sea Dragon and a Reef Manta ray peacefully cruise by… Or you can picture a large school of Fusiliers being attacked by Jacks. Among all that action by the wall, a Denise Pygmy seahorse could be watching you filming the scene. Large bommies, walls, slopes, sand, and rubble… Komodo has it all. Its huge variety of marine life, unique and rich topography make this place one of the most photogenic destinations in the UnderwaterWorld!