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03 Aug 2018


One fantastic trip full of critters and big stuff! Divers often ask me which lenses would be the most ideal to bring on a Komodo trip. The truth is either Macro or Wide, perhaps...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
26 Jul 2018

Night Diving in Komodo

By now we may all have heard the great things Komodo has to offer… The majestic encounters of Manta rays, drift dives, reef sharks, pristine corals, big & small critters,...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
09 Jul 2018

Great experience in Komodo

KOMODO 30-09th July 2018.
Turn up your speakers and watch the teaser video ’till the DUGO...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
02 Jul 2018

Komodo and its surroundings

What’s better than a Hairy Frogfish? Two Hairy Frogfish! Same feeling when you get to watch two...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
29 Jun 2018

Diving Cruise with Mermaid I , Komodo June 1 – 10 2018 Highlights

Mermaid I, Diving Cruise at Komodo
June 1 – 10, 2018
Marcelo Johan Ogata

by Mermaid Liveaboards
23 Jun 2018

Manta Traffic

Manta rays are a very intelligent animal. They have large brains and when you have a one on one e...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
21 Jun 2018

The Smallest Sea Dragon and the largest Komodo Dragon

Mermaid I started the Komodo season on fire. When you start day 1 with a Lembeh Sea Dragon and fi...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
13 Jun 2018

Take a Moment

In Komodo, it’s easy to get caught up in the hunt for your most desired critters. The reefs are...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
07 Jun 2018

Unforgettable Diving Experience!

Mermaid II’s most recent trip through Komodo, and second of the season, was absolutely outstand...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
21 May 2018


After nearly eight months in Raja Ampat, Ambon, Lembeh Strait and the Banda Sea, Mermaid 1 is now...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
17 May 2018

Mermaid II’s Epic Crossing

The crossing is undoubtedly the most amazing diving trip you could ever do in Asia, and some migh...

by Mermaid Liveaboards
02 May 2018

Season Come and Season Go

It’s that time of year again, where the final trip for the Raja Ampat season is finished and we...

by Mermaid Liveaboards