Night Diving in Komodo

By now we may all have heard the great things Komodo has to offer… The majestic encounters of Manta rays, drift dives, reef sharks, pristine corals, big & small critters, warm & cold dives and now even Dugongs!

Although, does everyone know how mysterious and adventurous Komodo can be at night?


As soon the sun goes down and we get set for night diving, we backroll into a whole different underwater World. One environment where cephalopods come together for instance. Octopuses like Long-arm hunting crustaceans on the sand bottom or even a Coconut octopus out looking for a new home. Night diving in Komodo is where you have the most chances of seeing the rarest macro subjects such as a group of Flamboyant cuttlefish cruising together. Squids like a Bobtail or a bright yellow Bottletail squid. Not only the tiny ones but larger and curious tentacles trying to interact with our dive lights as well.

That spooky feeling that you are being watched in the middle of the darkness and all of the sudden huge Marbled rays fly by next to you… it’s hard to describe the feeling and sometimes hard to keep your heart rate low due to so much excitement!

What makes me love night diving in Komodo, even more, is the fact that you merge yourself into the unknown, an unknown full of beauty, rarities and exciting surprises right in front of you… This is Komodo!