Misool’s Unimaginable Beauty

Misool is Raja Ampat’s southern set of islands, and some might say the areas most famous and sought after. The area is characterized by karst islands which extend for hundreds of kilometers in all directions. The reefscape beneath the surface is infamous for it’s dazzling arrays of soft coral colonies and layers upon layers of giant sea fans, all of which cling to the surreal topography of the unusual limestone islands.

The marine life here in Misool is equally impressive, as shoals of fusileers are corralled by the large groups of giant travellies as schools of batfish, barracuda, and jack fish hang passively in the blue. Amongst the brilliant chaos of the reef, various species of pigmy seahorse cling to their latticed gorgonian homes as nudibranches slowly scoot by.

This description of unimaginable beauty and action is not just something you get lucky with either down in Misool, this is an every day occurrence!

Mermaid II, Diving Cruise at Raja Ampat
April 7-15, 2018
Alex Lindbloom