Pure Biodiversity in our crossing from Maumere to Raja Ampat

When you venture across the big blue sea there is no knowing what you may find. Adventure is truly around the corner on Mermaid 1 with the annual crossing from Maumere, through Alor and the Banda sea, to Raja Ampat. There is a reason why we have named this voyage the Biodiversity Super Special.

Whales and Whalesharks, Oceanic and reef Manta’s, Schooling Hammerheads, Black tip, white tip, leopard, Bamboo, grey reef sharks, Rhinopias, Mandarin fish, Pygmy seahorses and many animals identified only after an hour or two on board, eagerly scouring the identification books. Deserted Island slopes, colour burst walls, sponge adorned swim throughs and pinnacles packed with life set the stage for the marine life as Mermaid 1 traversed the Banda sea providing a non-stop show.

Upon ascending Blue Magic at the end of the trip in Raja Ampat, the artisanal fishing traps of Alor seem like a memory of a dream stuck in time. Crossing back to Sorong, guests and crew had time to reflect on this 16-day epic exploration together, sharing one last sunset at the end of a beautiful trip.