Biodiversity Special – Highlights, Highlights, Highlights

Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Alor, Diving
It is hard to name the absolute highlight of our Biodiversity Special trip from Raja Ampat to Maumere after 14 days of diving.
20150506_Batu_Kapal (13)Was it the tiny little Blue Ringed Octopus, size of a hazelnut, which was trying to distract from three Reef Manta Rays getting cleaned at Manta Sandy? Or the fantastic encounters at Karang Bayangan with 6 Oceanic Mantas, which kept coming in and stayed with us for the entire 70 minutes of our dive?
Maybe the Leopard Shark at Koon/ Ceram Island, which we found sleeping on a ledge at a depth of 27 m? Others would say maybe the rare and few encounters of some Great Hammerhead Sharks at Pulau Keke and Nil Desperandum? Or last but not least, was it the 2 Rhinopias which we were lucky enough to find at Mucky Mosque in Alor on a day but also night dive?
I am still undecided and guess our guests would say the same: the whole trip due to its amazing biodiversity is just one big highlight!

Raja Ampat-Banda Sea-Alor -Maumuere
Mermaid I
Apr 29 -May 14, 2015

Sonja Geier
Mermaid I