The Return to Raja Ampat from Sulawesi Sea

Mermaid1 returns to Raja Ampat through an unforgettable diving experience across over 500 nautical miles from Lembeh to Halmahera. Starting the trip from the straits of Lembeh where everything was about macro, black volcanic sands, rare nudibranchs, colourful crustaceans, creatures crawling around and a legendary Hairy frogfish that made a great start for the trip.

Tifore Island was our first stops in the Halmahera sea after Lembeh. An island where we dove with thousands and thousands of Barracudas and Jacks. An amazing scenery where both schools get mixed together surrounding us making it feel that we were part of the action. The sunshine, great visibility and the massive schooling, the entire place was simply beautiful!

Raja Ampat, the superb contrast of the small and the large fish, stunning soft corals, sea fans, stunning pinnacles, reef sharks, turtles and an awesome Blue-ringed octopus spotted on one of our night dives. Our last dive of the trip at Blue Magic dive site was magical, a cleaning station where we had Oceanic Mantas from the first to the last minute of the dive! Not a bad way to end up our 4th trip of the year with Mermaid I. Happy days!

Mermaid I Lembeh-Halmahera-Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
February 03-14,2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata